“What style of music do you play?” is a regular question asked of all musicians. Although predominantly folk and country, Nick also dips his toes into numerous other genres. His answer to the question is “I don’t know. You decide.”

Formerly the frontman of rock and blues covers band BackBurner, Nick went solo after the band decided to call it day. Honing his craft at venues around the Folkestone area before taking off on a 2 year jaunt to Toronto, Nick performed under the name Lucky Jackson for several years before deciding to lose that persona and perform under his own name.

As a performer, Nick quickly acquired a name for himself for playing a range foot-stomping Irish folk and heartfelt ballads. As a songwriter, he has gained respect for penning crowd favourites such as “The Beard Song”, “Come Drink With Me My Friends” and “I Really Don’t Love You”.

Having released 2 EPs and a music video, Nick has took some time out to complete a Masters at university. He is now due back in the studio in March 2017 to begin the recording of his 3rd EP. Nick is very excited about this latest EP as it will have him working with a full band again. Plans for a music video are also well underway for one of the tracks from the new EP.

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